My Full Circle: I received my graduate education at the University of Denver, completing a Master in Social Work (MSW) in 2010 and a Graduate Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution in 2008. As a restorative justice facilitator, mediator, and victim advocate in Colorado for ten years, I logged over 4,000 hours in over 300 cases with teenagers and young adults. In addition to providing conflict resolution services, I am also an adjunct professor in the fields of Social Work, Criminology, and Criminal Justice, and I contract with the state to provide mitigation and social work support to criminal defense teams for incarcerated juveniles and young adults. As of Summer 2016, I am a doctoral student in the Human Development and Family Studies program at Pennsylvania State University. My research interests include adolescent neurodevelopment and risk-taking behaviors, the relationship between childhood trauma and juvenile delinquency, risk and protective factors for juvenile delinquency, and evidence-based prevention and intervention opportunities in the juvenile justice system.

I have received training in addictions counseling, trauma response, suicide prevention and intervention, gang identification and programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, non-violent communication, and mind-body connections. I have also completed extensive research on the usage of restorative practices in juvenile correctional facility settings and community settings, as well as parole revocation and differential treatment.

​As a young person myself, I come to this work with a strong belief that all people can change, and I also acknowledge that change can be a very difficult process that requires personal and community support. One of the reasons I love restorative-based work is that it challenges me to look inside myself for opportunities to change. I believe in the power of restorative practice, and I believe it can be applied to various settings and the c
ommunity more generally. There’s definitely more work to do. For me, coming Full Circle has meant continually returning to my origin, my true self, while collecting invaluable experiences and relationships along the way. Full Circle also represents the power of direct interaction, the collective wisdom, and the basic importance of human connection through group and community experiences.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband, our daughter, and our malamute, hiking and camping in the great outdoors, attending music festivals, learning, and dreaming about life in a geodesic dome. Pictured at right is my husky Rocky Rock, who died in February 2014, after a wonderful ten years together.

Contact information:, 303-834-5893 (mobile)

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